Quality Espresso Machines

We have an assortment of machines with features and size varieties available to meet your specific needs and environment.

Superior Blends

The custom blends of coffee we put in the machines are made from expertly selected beans roasted to brewing perfection.

We are a unique service company that provides worry-free quality espresso machines as well as an assortment of choice environmentally-conscious hot beverage supplies for any office.


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billion cups of coffee world wide


full-time employees drink coffee

million people make coffee at work


had coffee at work with in the past seven days

Our Coffee

Reward customers and employees with superior hot beverages

Our Machines

Our state-of-the-art Italian designed espresso systems are easy to use

Our Program

The turn-key service provided by us is virtually effortless on your part

“This is the best espresso I  have ever had in a long time! ”

Diane P.

Phoenix, AZ


“I won’t be spending half my paycheck on Starbucks any longer… for $2.30 I got the best coffee I have ever had. ”

Drew C.

Tempe, AZ


“My employees stopped making ‘coffee runs’ half way across town every afternoon – Productivity is up and everyone is excited about the new coffee machine! ”

Alfonzo R.

Owner, Scottsdale, AZ


Lou's Brews

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